Planmeca Planscan System

Planmeca Planscan & Planmill

Formerly known as the E4D NEVO scan and design system, the Planmeca PlanScan, driven by E4D Technologies, is an innovative, technologically advanced, ultra-fast intraoral CAD/CAM system for restorative dentistry.


With video-rate scanning and Thunderbolt™ connectivity to your Planmeca PlanCAD® laptop, Planmeca PlanScan captures and processes data almost as quickly as you move your hand – even with full-arch cases.


The folks at Planmeca CAD/ CAM Division of E4D Technologies are stressing the ease of use of the Planmeca PlanScan, which makes restorative dentistry quick and easy, and powder-free.


Additionally, the new scanner and new open CAD software suite for easy 3D design is integrated within the Planmeca Romexis® software and is a perfect tool for designing prosthetic works from individual inlays to full-arch bridges and abutments.


The Planmeca Planmill, features wireless connection and easy touch-screen operation. Dual spindles mill on both sides of the restoration simultaneously, and calculate custom milling paths with micron-precise accuracy. What’s more, the automatic tool changer selects the appropriate bur and replaces worn burs automatically.




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